A map of my life in bullet points. For the more stuffy bios, see Press Kit.

  • On the first day of August 1995 the stars aligned and Tobi arrived one month early to a bewildered Dr. and Mrs. Ogundiran. The good doctor seized him by his feet, contemplated his squalling face, and pronounced him healthy.
  • His primary and secondary education was in Lagos and Kwara, Nigeria respectively. When he was 19, he left the sere of Nigeria for the frigid terrain of Old Rus (Russia) where he currently resides and is studying to become a doctor. Here, in between contemplating the fascinating complexities of human anatomy, he penned the book that landed him his agent.
  • Tobi is a capable artist and illustrator as well as a musician.
  • He’s been writing as long as he can remember, and when he was in secondary school, at the height of the Harry Potter craze, he penned what was essentially a Harry Potter pastiche to the general adulation of his mates, which did wonders for his insufferable ego.
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